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We are so elated to be NOMINATED FOR BEST PUBLICATION OF 2019!  

Suzy Simonson of Stroke to Success and TCC Nominee 2019 

It just so happens that two of the fellow nominees in other categories Suzy Simonson ( Nominated for Best Business Coach) and Sarah Edwards (Nominated for Influencer and Her Event  Series"I AM Connected" ) were also featured in the current issue of Adore Magazine! So vote for them as well!


This goes to show how we not only are showing you love for people that that have knowledge to help you excel but that we are also committed to growing small businesses. 

Well... And Awards! T​win Cities Collective is a small business and creative community honoring small businesses with a spotlight.


We would  be so grateful for you to take a minute to go to To Vote NOW!  Voting Ends Next Week! 

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Sarah Edwards and TCC Nominee 2019