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What’s in a love note?

Have we all become so numb to memorializing moments because the moments are stored in a phone by the hundreds that the art of a note has lost its luster? we think not!

Turns out love notes may be on the rise. It seems we have all overindulged ourselves in digitizing every moment that theres actually a demand for a good old fashioned love note.

Here are the tips for writing a great love note that will get you bonus points!

1) begin by saying what compelled you to write. 2) recall something wonderful like a memory you share..

3) prepare to give compliments. Tell the person all the things you love about them.

4)explain what has changed in your life since knowing the person. 5) explain your commitment to the relationship.

To give you even more incentive to write to your beloved Adore is not only putting love note post cards in the spring issue (due out in Feb) we are also offering a complimentary love note sent to the person of your choice just for subscribing to our newsletter until Feb 2020.

So head over to the Adore Magazine home page and subscribe! We will send you a message and you will reply with the message you want on your love note & With who you want it sent to.

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