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Family Photo / To Holiday Card Or Not That is the Question.

photo by Shelby Laine Photography

Tis the season to get those perfectly posed holiday cards in the mail. If you're anything like me you're stressing over trying to get your kids to sit still or look at the camera. In fact one year we had our family photos taken and the photographer had to use a series of our heads super imposed on the one pic of our bodies that looked right....

For example you can see we had many tries and still zilch.

So here are some tips for getting a great card together.

The Pose: Sure there are plenty of families that love to send out the smiling,"look our family is perfection" photo on their card. Which is nice to get but don't stress if you simply cant get your kids to sit still. There may be a cute photo of just your kids or your family that was taken before the holiday season that will be even better. Candid pictures and candid prints are the trend. People love displaying something that may be a little silly in the holiday season as well. So look at your photos to see what can br cropped before you decide to hire a professional if that's not in your budget. Spend that extra money on a nicer card or a present for yourself!

Location Location Location : Lots of photographers now offer mini sessions at a set destination where they shoot a family for 30 minutes and give you 10 photos for a set amount. These places can be tree farms, studios, etc. So if you are looking for a picturesque place to do a family pic this may be the perfect way.

Alternatively go to a tree lot and ask the sales person to snap a photo of your family. #moneysaver

Looking the best: When in doubt do a photo laying down or just of the kids.

One of the smartest things Ive seen lately is family photos taken from above while th family lays on the ground or floor. Everyone looks good ! I mean... c'mon laying down smooths all of those wrinkles and bumps! (wink) Also children seem to wiggle less on the floor.

photo by Shelby Laine Photography

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