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Does War Effect The Wedding Business?

With tensions running high in the world and an already tense future for the wedding gown industry with the tariffs with China, it's natural to think about what businesses are effected by a possible war in the Middle East. Although heartbreaking for families and life, some say war is big business.

A review of marriage rates around times of war and outside of war in the US will show that marriage rate spike upon entry to war and coming home from war. A prime example of this is in the US entry to World War II. Many couples married in a hurry as troops shipped off to fight Hitler. Then soldiers came back and married their sweethearts.

So what will the fallout be if we do go into full fledged war to the US economy and businesses? As well as families.

It goes without saying that families will be affected greatly by parents away from children and significant others fighting to protect us. How also will it affect the economy here on home land?

For the wedding industry it could be mixed.

The stock market saw a rise over night upon the missile strikes from Iran. War traditionally creates some jobs in certain industries.

What markets will also see a spike from impending decision on war?

Weddings, and quickly planned, smaller weddings could become very popular. As reported on the Blog Micro weddings could become increasingly popular if troops are suddenly deployed and they need to get ready to leave the country. ( Wedding professionals be on alert!) The destination wedding industry and honeymoon industry will likely see a decline because often in war people are less likely to travel. Especially with the impending threat of Iran carrying out terroristic threats around the world on Americans.

While tariffs continue to be a threat to the wedding industry it hasn't become too detrimental. If many begin to marry quickly they won't have time to do things like place orders for dresses months ahead or plan months out for decor and flowers. Couples choosing to get married quickly and on a whim will be left to use in season items, off the rack dresses and possibly rental everything!

Great resources for couples with a partner in the military are wedding resale shops, Facebook marketplace, and the flurry of event designers that also offer rental decor and reusable floral arrangements. Also the amount of options a simple wedding at home offer and the various locations you can have a friend officiate a small and quaint wedding in a pinch.

For more information on the micro weddings, rental decor, sustainable floral arrangements Kat Minks Design offers go to

Off the rack dress ideas:

Adrianna Pappell at Macys

Wedding Shop at Nordstroms

June Resale

Bridal Aisle Boutique

Off the rack Grooms:

The Groomsman Suit


Looking for place to get married fast and don't want it to be a courthouse? Look at hotels!

Yes many hotels have become second fiddle to th abundance of event venues that have opened up. Actually in Los Angeles many couples hold small exclusive ceremonies in larger hotel suites such as the ones Hotel Bel Air offers.

Hotels with big beautiful suites locally

W Hotel Minneapolis

Hotel Ivey

The Hotel Landing - Our Top Pick!

Photos !

Finding a photog last minute can be a challenge but this is all the more reason to consult with a planner or professional. Typically they have a radar of which vendors are open on last minute dates.


These days you can get beautiful desserts and with the fact that many couples are doing donut walls and dessert buffets, any dessert you desire is acceptable.

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